Our way

At GOSSUIN, we create high quality singular garments manufactured to last

We imagine a style with pure, geometrical and architectural forms, strong without ever being eccentric, a style for men

We ambition to re-conciliate style & comfort by inventing unique ways of constructing and assembling our clothes

We believe in a different way of producing and distributing our garments, our eyes wide open, without compromises and to which our community take an active part


Design first

Less, better

We believe in frugal creation. We take time to materialize a handful of strong ideas without ever giving into the fashion calendar, trends or the dictate of newness.


We imagine masculine and distinctive garments with pure and architectural shapes, easy to wear yet never bland, banal or too crazy.

Style & comfort

Adjusted yet comfortable

A fitted yet comfy shirt, crazy hey? We dived into garment history and designed a unique way of building the GOSSUIN shirt. Bottom line, our shirts are on average twice longer to sew together but we are convinced of the advantages in terms of ergonomics, comfort and durability.

Regression is good

We spent an unhealthy amount of time looking at an ocean of statistics and anthropometric data to produce a well calibrated adjusted cut validated by Alain’s eye naturally.

Superior quality

A quality obsession

We work our garments down to the most insignificant seam to make sure they look amazing and are robust & durables.

Made in Europe

We traveled Europe to find workshops that share our vision of quality and precision. To avoid any bias, we chose our partners using a double blind approach (price, origin), letting prototypes be the sole judges. 12 workshops and a ton of meetings later, our shirts are guaranteed 100% made with European partners.

Adjusted price

Stripping the non-essential

We optimize our prices by refusing the absurdity of sales, bearing little stock, limiting our marketing budget to the bare essentials and editing just a few references.

A price on decency

We defend an adjusted price that warrants a decent compensation and working environment at our workshops, our suppliers and for our collaborators.


We partner up with you through our pre-order campaigns. These reverse sale periods are our way to thank our most faithful singulars and early adopters.

Ethics in practice

Simple & tangible

No big talk! We hate empty promises and claims so we focus on simple and tangible acts truly under our control.

Act now!

Here is what we are doing as of now:

  • We chose proximity by solely working with European partners that we visit often and create strong ties with. We know where and how they work and further have them to commit to an ethical charter.
  • We source quality raw materials in a reasoned way. We know cotton is problematic and are thinking about alternatives.
  • We produce just what is needed and do not over-stock.
  • We create styles to last, not match trends or hype.
  • We make sure our manufacturing is clinical and use techniques and material that guarantee our garments durability.
  • We use a custom lightweight packaging and are trying to make wrapping as minimal as we possibly can.


One commitment

Continue to reduce our ecological footprint as we grow.

Our compas

Offer quality, durable, comfortable and strong designs without compromises.