Alpha 01 is a mid-season white dress shirt with our revised iconic sewn-down collar. The shirt is structured by shaped facings that ensure the collar stands straight, worn alone, with a jacket or a sweater. Designed as a blank canvas, the shirt embodies the GOSSUIN spirit: well made, original, neither too formal nor casual. The cut is tailored or adjusted, meaning it is slightly athletic but NOT slim.

Risk free. You do not like it, you return it. EU VAT will be removed at checkout when shipping outside the EU.

  • 5.5cm high sewn-down collar, no button on collar stand, shaped facings, single-button barrel cuffs, tonal stitching.
  • GOSSUIN shirt classic architecture.V-shaped back (fabric in the bias along the back central seam), scalloped wrist, straight sleeve in 2 pieces, side sleeve buttonhole placket, set-in-sleeves (body is stitched first, sleeves are attached later), proprietary bottom.
  • White, 100% cotton, 2-ply Oxford fabric woven in Czech Republic. Woven interlinings.
  • Real mother-of-pearl buttons from Germany out of a shell from Vietnam. Secured with lock-stitches.
  • Manufactured with precision and care in Ukmerge, Lithuania, E.U.


  • Adjusted to fit the body yet retain comfort.
  • Take your normal size or one above for a slightly larger fit.
  • Sleeves are slightly longer than usual so make sure they fall right where the thumb starts.

A note from Alain

My favourite way of wearing ALPHA 01 is to hang it straight after the wash on a large hanger, shape it a little and let it dry. This way, the shirt retains a natural crisp and some folds that are pleasing come summer time. Match with blazer, bomber jacket, cargo pants or jeans, the shirt is truly versatile. Perfect for work, the beach or your next date.

To give your shirt a good and long life please follow these simple guidelines:
  • Avoid dry cleaning: it can halve a shirt lifetime.
  • Prefer machine wash up to 40°C. Go up to 60°C (white only) if absolutely necessary. No bleach please. Wash similar colors together. Spin cycle 600-800rpm.
  • Prefer natural drying (on a hanger), avoid tumble dry. This will preserve fibres and ensure your garment lasts longer.
  • Medium iron, medium to little steam. Choose cotton program if you have one.

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Return to the past

ALPHA 01 revisits the "sewn-down collar", the first shirt ever edited by the brand and its undisputed best seller. The shirt was part of the first collection of 8 shirts jointly launched at Maria Luisa, "Galeries Lafayette" and "Le Bon Marché" in Paris as well as Bergdorf Goodman in New-York in 2004.

Alain drew his inspiration from the "Danton" (or "Miami") collars and the more common button-down collars. His creative intent: a collar that stands straight no matter what, offer pleasing geometrical shapes and highlights the neckline.

A blank canvas

ALPHA 01 was designed as some sort of blank canvas, a return to what is essential with no eccentricity, pattern or color. We wanted to draw attention to the less visible particularities of a GOSSUIN shirt and especially its unique construction. We further intended to underline GOSSUIN style identity, original collars, strong design without ever being too present.

Making Europe

Once Alain and his sewing machine finished conducting the first tests, it was time for us to find our shirt manufacturing partner. One thing was very clear from the beginning, we wanted to work with a workshop within the European Union, for more control and proximity, a partner that had to be compatible with our values and our vision of quality and finesse.

After a few fairs, a waterfall of emails, a few workshop visits in France and more than 12 prototypes manufactured exclusively by European partners (France, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania...), we ended up deciding on a partner with a singular process. The process is said to be double-blind, meaning at the time of the selection we did not know neither price nor origin. Our goal: obliterate any prejudices we may have, positive or negative.

We jumped on a plane and went to see for ourselves this little piece of Lithuanian land called Ukmerge where meeting with the staff confirmed our initial choice. This was good progress, but we still had to stabilise the ALPHA 01 style, crystallise the GOSSUIN shirt construction and repeat the selection process with our materials partner: fabric, buttons, labels.

A few months later, we finally reached our goal: a superior quality garment, manufactured to last and way more accessible than its ancestors made exclusively with European partners.

ALPHA 01 was born.

The future is yours

We count on you to give a long a nice life to ALPHA 01. Wear responsibly and make it last. We look forward to your feedbacks, good and bad, to keep perfecting our creations.

It took many people to bring REVERS0 01 to the world. This section is dedicated to them.



  • CLÉMENT VIDON photography - video
  • AMAURY BAUDOIN video Website
  • HUGO VILLARD grooming Instagram
  • ALAIN GOSSUIN photography - video Instagram
  • Arthur Thoby drawings - web design

Paradise is other people

We would like to thank Geoffroy Sciard for offering his home for the shooting and to Kevin Nompeix of Success Models for his assistance in putting the cast together.

We thank the entire team of fbg2211 and in particular Stéphane Laverne, Jean-Michel Angays, Rodrigo Alcazar and Arturo Martínez for their help during the prototyping phase.

We extend our gratefulness to our manufacturing partners Ligita, Giedre and their team for their trust and patience. We could not have done it without you.

Special shout to our interns Alexandre, Appoline and Mario who each brought their special touch to the launch and to Meil-Line Chu who helped us during the shooting.

Special mention to Antigone of Faux Q for her support an guidance.

Finally, we want to thank our most faithfull singulars who inspired the return of GOSSUIN. François, Franck, Mourad, Adam, Erik, Guillaume, Normand, Bo, Jean-François, Christophe, Alexei, Ludovic, Frédéric, Kevin, Emmanuel, Nikhil, Thierry, Laurent, Cédric, Jean-Michel, Tony, David, Benjamin, Louis, Marco, Pierre-Yves, Heddi, Laurent, Vincent, Charles, Ludovic, Richard you know who you are!